Daniela Pantsereva’s art conveys a message of beauty, harmony and peace.

She was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1975.  Her innate artistic talent has been developed since a child. It has been an informal but constant part of her life until 2005 when she presented her first individual exposition in Condesa, the artistic quarter of Mexico City, where she resided a few years. The basic highlights were influenced by the mystic and the power of color and presented by the force of imagination. Step by step she turns this artistic potential into a constant occupation. The nature has been a pulse for everything she creates, a source of power and inspiration. Main topics are the sea, flowers, mountains, abstractions.
She has presented works in Bulgaria, Mexico and Greece. Daniela Pantsereva’s works can be found in various private collections in many different countries.
“Painting is an expression of love. Everyone can do it no matter the education, as long as it comes from the heart and involves a personal will and dedication.

People have called me an artist when I officially began to present my artworks. I studied economics and my study helps me to present better what I do now. The rest is an expression of the will to create.”